In South Florida,  we are never far from the ocean.  If it's a good day, you go there to celebrate. If it's a bad day, you go there for comfort.  Something about the sound of the waves tends to put life back together when it all falls apart.  So it was no surprise that when the world began to feel very foreign, we went looking for something familiar and found it at the beach.  Every footprint left in the sand brought us a little closer to better days.  Every kiss of the water seemed to wash away our worries.  We went seeking simple pleasures and found them laying at our feet; tiny presents from the sea at every turn.

When we were young, finding a shell was like discovering buried treasure.  We'd walk the shore endlessly in search of the perfect one.  As adults, combing the beach became a way to tap into the joys and ease of childhood.  Turning them into wearable art is our way of sharing that connection.  Each shell holds the secrets of the ocean and the warmth of the sun.  It's that very spirit we wish to bring to each of you.

Image by Stefan Kunze

There's magic in salty air

       Gifts strewn in the sand

Hold one close to your heart &

        Everyday is summer